Counselling for Midhurst, Petersfield, Haslemere, and Liphook.

How I work

The transpersonal approach is at the core of how I work. It looks beyond the identity we feel impelled to create. We are not just what we do, what we think, how we look or what we own.

With the transpersonal perspective, disturbances in the physical, emotional, mental and psychic bodies are not seen as something being 'wrong' but as something struggling to be 'right' – to heal. The authentic self is seeking to evolve.

The power of this perspective is that I trust the innate potential for growth that each of us holds ...

... And we all benefit from having someone trust in us.

A core part of the work is the development of your personal 'observer' or 'witness' – that part of you that looks at your own behaviour, and questions its effectiveness, or even sense! Without the awareness and therefore presence of our 'observer' part, we can either be run, if not overrun by our emotions, or rigidly believe that we are in the right, and it's other people that are getting it wrong.

How can you change what you're doing if you don't know what you're doing?

Once we are able to take responsibility for our own behaviour we can choose to change that behaviour. When blame is removed from our repertoire of habits we take the power back in our lives. We are no longer operating from an inner 'wounded child' aspect.

I can be described as an 'integrative psychotherapist' in that I have integrated a number of therapy models into my approach.

One of these is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which provides a powerful yet very gentle approach, particularly helpful in working with trauma and traumatic events – though it is equally useful dealing with the daily ups and downs of life. It is a tool that you can easily learn for your own, long-term benefit.

Breath-work, body awareness, dreamwork, creativity, visualisation, and EFT are just a few of the processes we can use to help you connect more deeply with your authentic, 'transpersonal self' and allow more peace into your life.

Counselling for Midhurst, Petersfield, Haslemere, and Liphook.







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