Counselling for Midhurst, Petersfield, Haslemere, and Liphook.

Relationship Counselling

If you are having problems in your relationship, counselling can be an effective way to regain balance. Over time it is easy to fall into negative relationship patterns – and often hard to climb out again. Relationships offer our greatest gifts – and our greatest challenges. But the greatest gifts are through the challenges.

The objectivity of the counsellor can help clarify the dynamics and offer suggestions as to how to strengthen communication and build trust. Relationship counselling can be tremendously rewarding once you have moved out of the place of thinking it's all your fault or wanting to blame the other person.

Even if your relationship has reached a natural ending, counselling can assist in reducing conflict and achieving a peaceful parting of ways.


It can be more difficult to enter counselling as a couple than as an individual. The counselling room can be imagined as a place of judgment rather than support. Yet therapists know that people do the best they can given the tools they have, and that given a few more tools, what people do can be quite different.

If you or your partner are unsure whether counselling can help, arrange a free half-hour session with me where you can check these feelings out with no obligation to continue.







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